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WOLFTHORN 'Towards Ipsissimus'

WOLFTHORN 'Towards Ipsissimus'


CD : Towards Ipsissimus : by Wolfthorn [GER] Black Metal // Art of Propaganda

"..after the split EP with Erhabenheit released in 2008 Wolfthorn returns with its third full-length opus entitled “Towards Ipsissimus”. Recorded with a new line-up consisting of the current and former members of the much respectable German hordes such as Purest, Empaligon and Total Hate, clad in a raw yet powerful sound garment the album delivers six anthems of ferocious, morbid Black Metal filled with the uttermost devotion to the Highest God of the Other Side.."


  1. Towards Ipsissimus
  2. I Am the Abyss
  3. The Lost Soul' Sacrifice
  4. Hear and Behold!
  5. The Rise of the Funeral Flames
  6. Death, Embrace!


Label: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPUpQ1n5NOA