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VIDHARR 'Eclipse' [HLVTR5]

VIDHARR 'Eclipse' [HLVTR5]


CD : Eclipse : by Vidharr [ITA]

Helvete.ru // Melodic Black {2009}

: T R A C K L I S T I N G :

1) Syzygia  2) Demonstrate Warfare  3) Self-Destructive Paraphilia  4) Decay till Extinction  5) Subverto  6) Doomsday Event  7) Cold Sickness  8) Labores Solis  9) Irrlicht

Description: an impressive full length release from an underrated duo after an earlier rehearsal, demo and split. 'Eclipse' is more symphonic and classic in the vein of Emperor, Carpathian Forest while their second album release 'Cryo' has developed a black 'n' roll sound with a cover to exemplify {followed by two splits with projects such as Deathrow, Dead, etc}

STREAM : https://vidharr.bandcamp.com/

LABEL : http://maaprod.org/ 

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