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MEK NA VER - 'Heresy' [MACD014]

MEK NA VER - 'Heresy' [MACD014]


CD : Heresy : by Mek Na Ver [ITA] 

Misanthropic Art Productions // Black Metal {2010} 

: T R A C K L I S T I N G :

(1) Licet ab Initio (2) Grey @ Deep Blue (3) Ater Insania (4) Anima (5) Dust for Blind Eyes (6) Caligo et Cinis (7) Cloaked in Shadows - {33:28}

    "..cold and misanthropic black metal...Heresy is their debut release. Features members of Forgotten Tomb, Vidharr and Sturmkaiser, among others.."

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