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ULVDALIR 'Soul Void' [BDR008]

ULVDALIR 'Soul Void' [BDR008]


CD : Soul Void : by Ulvdalir [GER]

Black Devastation Records // Raw Black {2008}

: T R A C K L I S T I N G :

1) Tormenting Catharsis 2) Herald of Ruin 3) Dropping the Gulp of Blood 4) Night of the Soul Void 5) Life Denial 6) Enemy of Every Human 6) In the Glare of the Pyres 7) Gates of Death {49:20}


    "..it’s difficult to really label this with a certain subgenre of black metal, ‘cause it seems to take the best from each line of direction...the melodic-sniffing riffage combined with the rather fast-forward drumming makes it, as a lot of diversity has been intertwined with slow agonized sections, just as some harsh-as-hell old school hails.."

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