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THE LAST KNELL 'Æon Vmbra Genesis' [MACD013]

THE LAST KNELL 'Æon Vmbra Genesis' [MACD013]


CD : Æon Vmbra Genesis : by The Last Knell [CHI] 

Misanthropic Art Productions // Obscure Black {2011}


: T R A C K L I S T I N G :

(1) Darknell (2) Solus Ipsus (3) Bane of Spirit (4) Echoes of Cosmogony (5) The Source of Silvery Wraiths (6) The Dwell of the Deads (7) Ghouls of Dead Light - {33:27}

    "..play right under the line between huge and a well-produced BM album that doesn't stray...comparing it to the hollow echo of tape and limited production of yore..some may be put off by this, some may find it a welcome change.."


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