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SILENT THOUGHTS 'Into Empathy' [DNW027]

SILENT THOUGHTS 'Into Empathy' [DNW027]


CD : Into Empathy : by Silent Thoughts [GER]

Der Neue Weg Productions // Atmospheric Black/Post-Rock {2013} 

: T R A C K L I S T I N G :

(1)  F92.0  (2) Morbus Meniere (3) The Last March (4) Intruder (5) Agoraphobia (6) Into Empathy pt.2 (7) Outro - {27:45}

    "..the seven songs that appear here end up forming a definite musical narrative with the judicious placement of samples and the creation of an intense emotional ambience...the listener easily imagines from the music a very tortured personal search for meaning to one's existence in an indifferent universe and finding none.."

    STREAM : https://silentthoughts1.bandcamp.com/

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