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SATURNIAN MIST / Creatura 'Split' [SPEAR2]

SATURNIAN MIST / Creatura 'Split' [SPEAR2]


CD : Split : by Saturnian Mist / Creatura [FIN]

Monokrom // Occult Black {2009}

: T R A C K L I S T I N G :

(1) The Key of Translucent Commandments (2) Sydänveren Malja (3) Return to the Black Depths (4) Tähdettömän Yön Loisto (5) Luciferian Codex - {30:54}

    "..their Repellings EP in 2009, upon which they manifest an abrasive if admittedly original take on the black metal genre that was captured through the ungodly racket of their guitars and the barking enmity of their front man..'

    '..at its heart, this is still raw and organ rupturing black metal carved of primal underpinnings, but the application of such angry lyrical accoutrements brings about a vibrant, theological sense of anger and dread."

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