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P.H.T.O. 'Affliction' [IFP005]

P.H.T.O. 'Affliction' [IFP005]


CD : Affliction : by P.H.T.O. (FRA}

Immortal Frost Productions // Depressive Black {2011}

: T R A C K L I S T I N G :

(1) Affliction (2) Neurasthenique (3) L'enclave (4) Fin d'une sombre agonie (5) Dansant pour la lune - {38:24}

"..have managed to put together an impressive first album..quite impressed by the bass lines which mixed with the dream like guitars helped drive the songs..add extra melody...not a lot of variation throughout the album...band tends to play it safe for the most part (not really venturing off the beaten path) but the production was good and maintained a level of rawness without sacrificing sound quality.."

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