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MANIK THORNS 'Ritual Dolor Atavista'

MANIK THORNS 'Ritual Dolor Atavista'


MC : Ritual Dolor Atavista : by Manik Thorns [USA]

Singularity Publishing // Depressive Mayan Dark {2013}


    : T R A C K L I S T I N G :
    1. Battles For the Astral Empire
    2. Eternal Bloodlust (Quench By the Blood of the Lamb)
    3. The Deepest Caverns of Melancholy
    4. Black Death Mistress (Ode To Ixtab)
    5. Ceremony of the Serpent
    6. To His Dominion (Ah Puch)
    7. Descending To A Wretched Empyrium
    8. Into The Depths of Nothingness
    9. Resurrecting Winds of Misery...

    (SP-XLII) - 250 Cassettes: second edition being that of a limited cassette offering of their paramount full length material from '08, embedded onto analog tape with revised artwork; first demo pressing of the complete audio ritual on (5/19/10) as 100 CDr disk copies.

    Recommended for listeners of: Xibalba, Nachmystium, Weakling.



    { ..congregated for two last shows in autumn of '09 to perform in Las Vegas alongside Vesterian, Bone Awl, Volahn before dissolving indefinitely. After many years of exoteric rites throughout the bleak canals of the southwestern coastal territory since forming in '04 and an infamous ritual at C.o.F. with Eliudner  and Breath of Sorrows. Members of once active projects such as Vuotare, Tormenting Anguish, Dwelling, etc.. }




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