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LYKAUGES 'Swan Song' [MACD008]

LYKAUGES 'Swan Song' [MACD008]


CD : Swan Song : by Lykauges [GRC]

Misanthropic Art // Raw Hellenic Black {2010}

: T R A C K L I S T I N G :

(1) Gate for a New Dimension (2) Obscurantism X (3) Pointless Optimism (4) Doomsday {Twilight of the Gods} (5) Ready to Leave This Place (6) Rising Through the Fire (7) The Hope is Dead (8) 12/13/14 (9) Slayer of the North (10) The Rebirth of Chaos (11) Not a Slave to a Detestable God (12) Swan Song {outro} (13) Enslave (14) Abysmal Authority - {01:15:32}


    ".. suffers a bit of bloat and repetition and the automatic inconsistency of containing some earlier, demo material...not to say there is nothing of worth to be found...because there are at least a few songs here which are admittedly fucking great.."


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