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LUGUBRUM 'De Totem' [BFD010]

LUGUBRUM 'De Totem' [BFD010]


CD : De Totem : by Lugubrum [BEL]

Blood, Fire, Death // Experimental Black {2003}

: T R A C K L I S T I N G :

(1) Intro: Beer (2) Hoornkluiten (3) Udder of Death (4) De Totem (5) Ratteknaeghen (6) Beard of Disease (7) Midgets of Evil (8) Inner Magma (9) Reet Reel (10)  Vois (11) Outro: Oui Maitre {50:51}


    "..it's their bizarre character that probably made them so successful. Their music is best described as alcohol-fueled black metal with a subtle rustic touch.."

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