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LETHARGY OF DEATH 'Necrology' [EW003]

LETHARGY OF DEATH 'Necrology' [EW003]


CD : Necrology : by Lethargy of Death [CHI]

Endless Winter // Funeral Doom {2010}

: T R A C K L I S T I N G :

1) Damnation 2) Death 3) Remains of a Remembrance 4) The Treason 5) Essential Process 6) Adrift 7) Finale {57:23}

"..the overly obvious influences of Skepticism and Shape Of Despair are all over this recording but there is also one other factor to consider and that is the dominating use of keyboards . ."

". . apart from the weak drum sound, this album is beautifully produced and played...nothing original to offer fans of the style {but} this is an engaging release; recommended."


STREAM : https://lethargyofdeath.bandcamp.com/

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