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KOZELJNIK 'Deeper the Fall' [PRG40044]

KOZELJNIK 'Deeper the Fall' [PRG40044]


CD : Deeper the Fall : by Kozeljnik [SER]

Paragon Records // Obscure Black {2010}

: T R A C K L I S T I N G :

(1) The Truth is Death (2) The All-Consuming (3) Void to Final Perception (4) Deeper the Fall (5) Breeding the Apocalypse (6) A.O.T.U. {41:46}

    "..the general atmosphere of the album could be summed up by saying it's a mix of Dodheimsgard 'Satanic art' and Satyricon's 'Rebel extravaganza'.."

    STREAM : https://kozeljnik.bandcamp.com/

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