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HEARTLESS 'Suicidal Engagement' [PEST010]

HEARTLESS 'Suicidal Engagement' [PEST010]


CD : Suicidal Engagement : by Heartless [CHN]

Pest Productions // Depressive Black {2008}

    : T R A C K L I S T I N G :
    (1) Epicedium (2) As the Plague Came (3) Journey to Eternal (4) Point of No Return (5) Funeral of the Soul (6) Sadism (7) The Time (8) Suicidal Engagement (9) Waiting for You {outro}


        "..the instrumentation has some variation, especially in terms of the guitars but overall, its bare bones - lots of bass repetition, ineffectual double bass blasts that add no texture given the thin sound quality (this is an element that also hampers the bass) and an overdose of melancholy as the vocalist writhes in pain...there is potential here, undoubtedly.."

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