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GRAVECODE NEBULA 'Sempiternal Void'

GRAVECODE NEBULA 'Sempiternal Void'


MC : Sempiternal Void : by Gravecode Nebula [USA]

Singularity Publishing // Experimental Black Doom {2013}


  1. Bloodcraft of Andromeda 
  2. The Frozen Sun (Does Not Support Life) 
  3. Lunar Dionysian 
  4. Adulation of Poisons 
  5. Lethal Aether
  6. Abhorrent Absorbant (The Salivation of Sand)

(SP-XVLV) - Limited to 500 tapes; initial fifty of which are misprints and feature a slightly different layout. An internal pressing of digipaks was released under Blasphemic Hymns.

"..creepy, disturbing alien, monstrous, claustrophobic, cataclysmic. A potent void-faring blend of doom, death and black metal that gives new meaning to the phrase 'soul-sucking'.." - {NCS}

VINYL // DLP : Baneful Genesis Records : http://www.banefulgenesis.com/

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