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GHREMDRAKK 'Je m'exalte' [VIHA003]

GHREMDRAKK 'Je m'exalte' [VIHA003]


CD : Je m'exalte : by Ghremdrakk [BLG]

Grievantee Productions // Misanthropic Black {2007}

    : T R A C K L I S T I N G :
    (1) Toxicomanie (2) Tempelgruis (3) Astree vortex (4) De asceet (5) Chaos kome (6) Unheimisch (7) Chemikinesis (8) Servitor servitor (9) Voidtrek - {01:02:54}
    Contributed to the GoatowaRex compilation "Speech Of Goat," with the track "Naar De Kring" (5:32) taken from the "Sterrenpracht" album.

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