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DREVO (Древо) 'Величие' [KUNST002]

DREVO (Древо) 'Величие' [KUNST002]


CD : Величие : by Древо (Drevo) [RUS]

Kunsthauch // Ambient, Raw Black {2008}

: T R A C K L I S T I N G :

(1) Величие (2) Созидание (3) Белое имя (4) Ледяная Явь (5) Воля-вольница (6) Рассвет (7) Тишина... (8) Зима {I} (9) Зима {II} (10) P.S. - The Northern Hemisphere (Carpathian Forest cover)

    "..the demo proved (band) burgeoning talent at crafting superbly moving ambient music, and that continues here...also some black metal, which I'll admit is better than before, but still not the best use of his skill as a songwriter.."

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