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CRAFT 'Terror Propaganda' [DEAD44CD]

CRAFT 'Terror Propaganda' [DEAD44CD]


CD : Terror Propaganda : by Craft [SWE]

Moribund Cult // Orthodox Black {2002}

    : T R A C K L I S T I N G :
    (1) Ablaze (2) The Silence Hereafter (3) Reaktor 4 (IV) Hidden Under the Skin (5) False Orders Begone (6) N.D.P. (7) 616 (8) Terror Propaganda {38:03}


      "..ability to arrange songs which feel like they move all over the place while staying completely grounded in a rock-solid base of well-worn ideas, thus creating the musical equivalent of perpetual motion slowed down to a crawl..'

      "..in contrast {Total Soul Rape}, is a more toned down, melodic beast, while retaining the ravenous intensity of it's predecessor..

      '..the entire disc is a complete entity, with nary a trace of filler to be found anywhere. It's also as catchy as a fishhook down the front of one's trousers."

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