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CAÏNA 'Will over Worlds' [BLOTCD006]

CAÏNA 'Will over Worlds' [BLOTCD006]


CD : 'Will Over Worlds' by Caïna [UK]

Legion Blotane // Post-Black {2011}


    : T R A C K L I S T I N G :
    (1) The Validity of Hate Within an Emotional Vacuum (2) A Romantic Immolation (3) ...to Look Upon the Stars (4) The Dawn Room (5) The Validity of Hate Within an Emotional Vacuum II (6) Gong, Parchment, Altar, Bell (7) Haloed in Brine (8) Worship (9) 'And If I Sing, You Are My Voice" (10) Amnon  (11) Piety (12) Caesium Deus (13) *Fields of Rape (14) Untitled Improvisation 2005 (15) A Funerary Call (16) Song of Golgotha (17) Death Filament - {01:18:45}


      "..crammed full of classical, eerie, minimalist and acoustic passages, this is the aural equivalent of melodic melancholy. It's the kind of music that renders descriptions useless..'

      ..an exceptionally unique and individual approach to melding elements of post-rock, and folk music with black metal.."


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