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BROWN JENKINS 'Death Obsession' [DEAD144CD]

BROWN JENKINS 'Death Obsession' [DEAD144CD]


CD : 'Death Obsession' by Brown Jenkins [USA]

Moribund Records // Experimental Black/Doom {2009}

    : T R A C K L I S T I N G :
    1. Breathless // 2. Ashes in her Mouth // 3. Lifetaker // 4. Lords of Suicide // 5. Hopeless, Godlike // 6. Bluebird // 7. We Disappear (01:04:45)

      "..when listening to this slice of blackness, be sure to take the entire journey in one sitting, since a couple of select songs simply won't do the album justice..'Death Obsession' will stand as a terrifying monument for the most dedicated acolytes.."

      "..droneous, dragging, mind polluting madness. Layers upon layers of one of a kind riffs, each of them distorted beyond recognition with clanging metallic notes, the album is as fluid as man’s brain ravaged by mad cow disease.."


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