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BLOOD STAINED DUSK 'Dirge of Death's Silence' [RSR]

BLOOD STAINED DUSK 'Dirge of Death's Silence' [RSR]


CD : Dirge of Death's Silence : by Blood Stained Dusk [USA] 

Red Stream, Inc. // Satanic Black {2001}

: T R A C K L I S T I N G :

(1) Moon Behind the Storm (2) Bringer of Everlasting Damnation (3) Renounce the Dawn (4) The Infernal Praise (5) Vastland of the Empire Lost (6) Sanguinas Path - The Blood I Follow (7) Funeral of Lamentation - {51:06}


    "..because of the atmospheric elements the music seems to often stand still, to only very slowly shift or change shape - instead of being a linear journey, the music just appears all at once, like a summoned entity or landscape, like a half-glimpsed fragment of a dream, as an evocative memory.."


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