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AZRAEL 'Obdurate / Unto Death' [DEAD118CD]

AZRAEL 'Obdurate / Unto Death' [DEAD118CD]


CD : Obdurate / Unto Death : by Azrael [USA]

Moribund Records // Raw Black {2008} Complation


: T R A C K L I S T I N G :

(1) Tenebrous Winds  (2) Obdurate  (3) Inhuman Scourge

(4) Intro  (5) Frozen in Death  (6) Opening the Tomb 

(7) Unto Death  (8) Cthonic Gurgling  (9) Noise Ritual (outro) - {01:10:13}


    "..the production aids a lot in giving the music that claustrophobic atmosphere...you can't help but think that the walls are closing in on you...noisy and isolated..feels as though the instruments are trying to overpower each other...no redeeming qualities to this demo except the fact the band decided to evolve and stop sounding like this . .'

    '. . definitely favor the later albums as it seems Azrael were still searching for their sound with this one...probably recommend buying this album after already hearing the newer albums.."

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