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AU SACRE DES NUITS 'Anti-humain' [KUNST05]

AU SACRE DES NUITS 'Anti-humain' [KUNST05]


CD : 'Anti-Humain' by Au Sacre des Nuits [BRA]

Kunsthauch // Death / Doom {2009}

    : T R A C K L I S T I N G :
    (1) Le prisme de apollon captive (2) La pulsion dévore (3) Avec les forces d'un amour inane (4) Sur resilience (5) Faillite (6) Le videment de tout les sens - {49:30}
    "..'La Pulsion Dévore’ does an excellent job of providing a haunting atmosphere in likeness to the rest of the material, just in a different way with a solemn piano and crumbling sound effects with samples of a raging war...a few hindrances do mare this otherwise decent debut..hardcore depressive fans will probably like this, though if you’re looking for a slice of funeral doom, avoid at all costs.."

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