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APPARITION 'Blackmusa from the East Empire' [MACD006]

APPARITION 'Blackmusa from the East Empire' [MACD006]


CD : Blackmusa from the East Empire : by Apparition [KOR] 

Misanthropic Art // Depressive Black {2010}

    : T  R A C K L I S T I N G :
    1) Dark Apparition  2) In the Name of Chiu  3) A Tear of the Lost History 4) Blackmetal Spirit  5) Route to Hell  6) Popularity Fucking Koreamusic's Gruel  7) 鬼 哭 聲  8) Blacksouls of the Fullmoon {Kalpa cover} 9) In the Name of Chiu {live}  10) Black Magic {Slayer cover}


     " . . is a long running black metal band from South Korea retelling the past glory of their ancient culture, the clash of swords, blood & tyranny from the East...rips with ferociously raw underground energy."




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