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ALNAMROOD 'Estorat Taghoot' [QAYA05]

ALNAMROOD 'Estorat Taghoot' [QAYA05]


CD : 'Estorat Taghoot' {A Legend of Tyranny} : by AlNamrood [SDA] Raw Black / Folk // Shaytan Productions

"..once the listener has passed the opening instrumental, the band..unleashes their distinct black metal brew...an interesting though occasionally slightly sterile release..."

"..was initially built on Babylon’s ancient era. The main focus is 'Nebuchadnezzar' who reigned in Babylon at 650 BC. The storyline also includes events of bloodshed that involved the ancient Arabs at that time."


    1. Arousal at Nebuchadnezzar Fortress 
    2. Junood Al Amjaad 
    3. Estorat Taghoot 
    4. Ma Kan Mn AlDahr Mundthera 
    5. Endma Tuqsaf Al Ruoos 
    6. Ma'dabt Al Audhama 
    7. Fe Youm Thaqeef 
    8. Wata'a Bakhtanasar 
    9. Laylat Ghabra'a 
    10. Asda' Al Dmar 
    11. Ajal Babel



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