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AKITSA 'La Grande Infamie' [CHP091]

AKITSA 'La Grande Infamie' [CHP091]


CD : La Grande Infamie : by Akitsa [CAN]

Christhunt Productions // Raw Black {2006}

    : T R A C K L I S T I N G :
    (1) Le Rite des cavernes  (2) Magie et vérités  (3) Silence (4) Cultes vertueur  (5) Chthonos (6) Origine mythique (7) La grande infamie (8) Forêt disparue - {41:26}

          "..this album is very much an acquired taste and is best recommended to those who are already familiar with Akitsa's style and range.."

          STREAM : https://akitsa.bandcamp.com/

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