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A DREAM OF POE 'The Mirror of Deliverance' [AX006]

A DREAM OF POE 'The Mirror of Deliverance' [AX006]


CD : The Mirror of Deliverance : by A Dream of Poe [POR]

Arx Productions // Gothic Doom / Death {2011}


    : T R A C K L I S T I N G :
    (1) Neophyte (2) Os Vultos (3) Lady of Shalott (4) Liber XLIX  (5) The Lost Ling of the Lyre (6) Chrysopoeia - {51:42}


        "..is a six-track gem that must be in every doom fan collection...fifty-two minute trip into the deepest of our inner self, a contemplative view of a desolate landscape..'

        '..as an aspiring mechanical engineer, one of the first things I've learned is the beaten motto that pure genius lies in simplicity. In that respect...have managed to craft the epitome of that motto, and the vast array of things this album manages to accomplish is indeed stunning, considering how straight forward it is.."

        STREAM : https://dreamofpoe.bandcamp.com/


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