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ABSTRACT SPIRIT 'Liquid Dimensions Change' [SP018-08]

ABSTRACT SPIRIT 'Liquid Dimensions Change' [SP018-08]


CD : Liquid Dimensions Change : by Abstract Spirit [RUS]

Solitude Productions // Funeral Doom {2008}

: T R A C K L I S T I N G :

1) From Behind the Verge 2) To Kiss the Emptiness . . . 3) Ruined 4) Sarabanda 5) Apostasy  6) Liquid Dimensions Change {01:01:56}


    "..this debut album is pretty much a traditional affair, it features heavier keyboard work and less emphasis on guitars than the superior follow up, but everything from sound, pacing to atmosphere is ideal . . '

    ' . . to be fair, this release is pretty unassuming, it has very little that will really grab a seasoned doom listener, but the execution of the pretty standard ideas is fantastic. Don't expect anything you haven't heard before, but expect it to be better than most of it."


    Official : https://abstractspirit.bandcamp.com/

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