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ABYSSPHERE 'Тени и сны...' [EDP010]

ABYSSPHERE 'Тени и сны...' [EDP010]


CD : 'Тени и сны...' {Shadows and Dreams} : by Abyssphere [RUS] Melodic Doom // Endless Desperation

"..with its hefty personnel of seven members; emanates a dense fog of dramatic, atmospheric and melodic doom-like metal...an engaging collection of songs built around emotive and ghostly melody."


    1. Эпизод 
    2. Гладиатор
    3. Тени и сны 
    4. Ад без тебя
    5. Демон строк 
    6. Под светом луны 
    7. Песнь далёких земель 
    8. Исповедь 
    9. As We Die (Charon cover)




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