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ABORIORTH 'Far Away From Hateful Mankind' [NM20]

ABORIORTH 'Far Away From Hateful Mankind' [NM20]


MC : Far Away From Hateful Mankind : by Aboriorth (SPA)

Nigra Mors // Misanthropic Black {2007}

: T R A C K L I S T I N G :

1. Prelude to Extinction // 2. Bullets of Hate // 3. Destructive Thoughts // 4. My Spawned Supremacy // 5. Sons of Nihilism, Bastards of Destruction // 6. Mankind Failure // 7. Annihilation of an Empty Kingdom // 8. Aboriortholocaust {42:05}

"..the drumming is extremely notable; the rhythms are laced with richness, with delicate accents, shifting beats and fills providing much more than just a skeleton for the guitars to build upon..

..debut is an amazing album to come from absolutely nowhere. Every note is incredibly memorable and masterfully crafted, and this album as a whole is really a bright light in a rather dim current black metal scene.."

LABEL : http://www.blackseedprod.com/

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