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ABHOR 'Vehementia' [SHOT013]

ABHOR 'Vehementia' [SHOT013]


MC : Vehementia : by Abhor (ITA)

Symphonic Black // Misanthropic Propaganda Productions {2008}

: T R A C K L I S T I N G :

1. Ignus Sulphurus // 2. Evocative Prayer of Lilith // 3. Garden of the Philosophers // 4. Monarch of Lie // 5. Fabled Ceremony // 6. Rivers of Incense // 7. Principium Ater // 8. Shamhaim (Umbrae Ritualis) - {38:56}

"..though they've not yet amounted to more than a blip on the radar of most frenzied occult black metal fans...lyrically they're like a more Latin-obsessed version of Mortuary Drape, but the music is quite a lot different..a smattering of orchestral aesthetics with the incorporation of synthesizers.."

STREAM : https://legioneocculta.bandcamp.com/album/vehementia 

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