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ENDLESS FUNERAL 'Dehumanization' [SP]

ENDLESS FUNERAL 'Dehumanization' [SP]


MC : Dehumanization : by Endless Funeral [MEX]

Singularity Publishing // Funeral Doom {2013}

      : T r a c k l i s t i n g :
      (A) I. Introduction / II. Shrouded in Decadence / III. Abyss
      (B) VI. Per Signum Caeleste Mortem / V. Outroduction

          (SP-XVLIV) - Re-issue of 100 cassettes, with combined artwork from the demo pressing limited to forty tapes in '09.

          LABEL : http://selfmutilationservices.com/album/messenger-from-the-oblivion-gates



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