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FRAILTY 'Lost Lifeless Lights' [SP019-18]

FRAILTY 'Lost Lifeless Lights' [SP019-18]


CD : Lost Lifeless Lights : by Frailty [LTV] Doom / Death // Solitude Productions

"..if I should choose the most atmospheric doom metal release of 2008, I won’t be able to decide which is better: ’Bliss of Solitude’ from the band Isole or this release.."


    1. Intro
    2. I Know Your Pain
    3. Ariadne
    4. The River of Serpents
    5. Graphics in Ebony
    6. The Fall of Eve
    7. A Summer to Die
    8. The Scorn
    9. Lūgšana (Monro cover)

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