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ACROSS TUNDRAS 'Dark Songs of the Prairie' [CBR54]

ACROSS TUNDRAS 'Dark Songs of the Prairie' [CBR54]


CD : Dark Songs of the Prairie : by Across Tundras [USA] Stoner Metal // Crucial Blast

"..the buzz saw effects of the bass, the excellence of the spine tingling vocals and the progressive nature of the guitars. The elements that make this record a success are at the foreground of the sound..'

'..although the music may come across as simplistic at times, the atmosphere which drives the band forward is complex, intricate and sophisticated."


    1. Ramblin' in the Shadows 
    2. If God Cuts You Down
    3. Western Wind 
    4. The Old Sexton 
    5. O to George, Parts 1 & 2 
    6. Dark Flower of the Prairie 
    7. Cosmic Retribution 
    8. Aura Lea, Maid of Golden Hair



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